ClimateScience Olympiad 2023 for Innovators (Up to 5,000 Prize)

Ўзбек тилида ўқиш

The ClimateScience Olympiad application is currently open for 2023. The student contest to identify climate change remedies. Are you prepared to assume the role of a world leader?

ClimateScience, a UK-based educational organization that focuses on climate solutions, is in charge of organizing the event. Through various educational projects, ClimateScience has reached a global audience of over 1 million learners each month. Finding answers for the Sustainable Development Goals is the objective (SDGs). More than 55,000 students from more than 190 countries participated in ClimateScience Olympiad 2022.

Important Details

Founded by: ClimateScience
Format: Online
Deadline: June 10, 2023
Required Age: 12-25
Eligible Nations: Global


  • The winner receives $5,000.
  • Wins $3,000 for second place.
  • $2000 is awarded to third place.
  • Fourth through seventh-place finishers receive $1000 apiece, while eighth through tenth-place finishers receive $500.
  • Additionally, winners will get an opportunity to speak at the award ceremony, which is anticipated to take place at COP28.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students between the ages of 12 & 25 may sign up alone or in groups of two. Anyone is invited to sign up without charge.
  • The CSO22 is divided into three age groups: 16 and under, 17 to 19, and 20 to 25. Regardless of age, participants participate in the same requirements and answer the same problem statements. However, the organizers only compare people who are around the same age. This implies that they will score the three brackets independently and then average the results for each.
  • You may participate up to three times, plus one additional time for each referral you make.

How to Apply?

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To learn more about ClimateScience Olympiad, kindly visit ClimateScience’s official website.